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Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladder 

 Our Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders are manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum. Crossover ladders are efficient in places where you need permanent crossover points, but may be used anywhere you need to cross over conveyors, pipes or other obstructions. They are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the food service and food processing industries, but have a range of uses in other areas as well (Pharmaceutical, medical, clean rooms, aerospace, and MANY more!)

 Our aluminum products are manufactured with high grade aluminum, with buffed welds. We are capable of meeting your exact classifications on request! Do not hesitate to give our team a call regarding your specific requirements! Each food grade ladder is made to order based on your specifications, including size, dimension, and purpose. Custom designs and options available. Call for pricing.

Food grade Aluminum Crossover Ladder    


The relative weight of our Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders compared to a steel unit makes it a breeze to install and the aluminum construction also makes it virtually maintenance-free. Tread options include diamond plate, serrated, and flat perforated treads.

FAI understands the importance of maximizing the capacity and efficiency of your food and beverage manufacturing facility to help increase your return on investment! 


 • High grade aluminum construction  • 42"L x 25"W Platform
 • 36"H handrails with 18" mid-rails  • 4" Toe boards along platform
 • OSHA and ANSI compliant design  • 500 lbs. capacity
 • 24"W x 7"D Diamond plate treads  • Milled finish with buffed welds
 • Standard and Space Saving designs  • Custom available!

Our Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders are ergonomically designed to facilitate an easy and safe climb. With a heavy-duty uniform capacity of 500 pounds, these ladders will stand up to the toughest industrial use. Our crossover work platforms meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.

**All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Food Grade Aluminum Crossover Ladders

  # Steps Platform
Base Dimensions   Underclearance   Weight   Model # Price
 W  D  H
  Standard Size Crossover
3 30 72 28 88 28 34 132 ALFG-CO3024 $1,968.00
4 40 82 28 106 37 34 153  ALFG-CO4024 $2,136.00
5 50 92 28 124 47 34 172 ALFG-CO5024 $2,312.00
  Narrow Crossover (Space Saving Design)
3 30 72 278 78 28 24 118 ALFG-SCO3024 $1,879.00
4 40 82 28 96 37 25 138 ALFG-SCO4024 $2,223.00
5 50 92 28 114 47 25 158 ALFG-SCO5024 $2,576.00


Clean Room Crossover Ladder Underclearance

 Fabrication Authorities International, Inc. is quickly proving to a world leader in turnkey clean room product construction, delivering flexible solutions with a performance guarantee. Our project managers focus on cost efficiency and custom design capability to ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly trained sales representatives oversee each clean room design-build project from receipt of PO to owner acceptance of the shipment. Our team includes an operations manager, project managers, specialized sales representatives, technical department and an in-house engineering department. The clean room superintendent conducts weekly job box safety meetings with full team participation to ensure compliance. Our process is closely managed to maintain or accelerate the working  schedule, quality and safety.

Fabrication Authorities International is your premier supplier of stainless steel and clean room ladders and work platforms.
Please call us at (727) FAI-INC-0 or (727) 324-4620 or toll free (877) 324-9990 for custom designs or additional options.
Email your custom requirements to sales@fabinc.net or fax your request to (888) 909-6780.

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